HALO Home Support

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I cannot pair my lighting device to the Halo Home app.

Potential Cause   Resolution
Lighting fixture is not powered   Make sure the lighting device you are trying to control is powered ON
Bluetooth radio is turned off on mobile phone   Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your mobile device


My lighting device no longer functions and I cannot see it in the App.

Potential Cause   Resolution
Poor power signal froze device   Power cycle the device from the power supply:
  • standard switch
  • air-gap on HALO Home dimmers
  • circuit breaker


My schedules are not working properly.

Potential Cause   Resolution
Device clocks are out of sync  

Open HALO Home app
Make sure device(s) are powered ON
Manually sync the date and time (or install a Internet Access Bridge)


I'm unable to control my lighting remotely.

Potential Cause   Resolution
Bridge is not present in the home   Remotely controlling your lighting requires the Internet Access Bridge
The Bridge is in your account but not properly configured   Open the HALO Home app.
Go to Controllers > Bridge and press Update Wi-Fi settings