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Your HALO Home In-Wall Smart Dimmers and Switches allow you to control standard loads at the wall while also enabling wireless control of that load via the HALO Home App or other HALO Home Controllers like the Accessory Switch, Accessory Dimmer*, Anyplace Dimmer* or Scene Keypad*).

The Smart Switch will turn ON and OFF standard lighting, exhaust, and ceiling fans while the Smart Dimmer will turn ON/OFF and dim standard lighting loads.

*The Smart Switch is an ON/OFF Device and will only respond to a HALO Home Controller's ON/OFF messages - not dim UP/DOWN messages.

In this Quick Start Guide you will:

I. Pair your installed HALO Home In-Wall Smart Dimmer/Switch to the HALO Home App.
II. Learn about additional features and information.

I. Pair Your In-Wall Smart Dimmer/Switch

1. Install the Smart Dimmer/Switch 
(See enclosed instruction sheet)

Note: The Smart Dimmer and Smart Switch are only for controlling (non-smart products).
See enclosed instruction sheet. For indoor use only.

Once powered your HALO Home In-Wall Smart Dimmer/Switch will:

  • turn ON the attached lighting load after a short delay
  • flash the indicator LED to indicate that it is ready to be paired

Note: The HALO Home In-Wall Smart Dimmer/Switch operates as soon as power is applied and can be used to control the connected load before being paired with the HALO Home App.
The Smart Dimmer must be installed and wired to a circuit with dimmable standard light(s) in order to be used.

Already a HALO Home user? Skip to the next step.

2. Create your HALO Home Account

3. Add the Smart Dimmer/Switch to the app

Note: Make sure your mobile device’s Bluetooth is turned on and within 35-ft of the Smart Dimmer/Switch.

  1. Tap the menu button ( ☰ )
  2. Navigate to "Devices" and tap the " + " icon.
    (The app will scan for your installed, unpaired devices)
  3. Select the Smart Dimmer/Switch and click “Add” to complete the pairing process.

    Once paired, the Smart Switch indicator LED will stop flashing.

II. Additional HALO Home In-Wall Smart Dimmer/Switch Information

Now you can:

How to factory reset your In-Wall Dimmer/Switch ►


  • Control dimming from 5-100% using either the app or wall dimmer

Override lighting manually (temporary)

The In-Wall Smart Dimmer/Switch will control the connected lighting regardless of connection to the HALO Home App or other HALO Home Controllers. Simply use the onboard switch to turn ON and OFF the connected load. The connected lighting will also respond to a manual power cycle, turning the connected load ON until it receives the next HALO Home App, Controller, or voice command.

  • If the light is OFF in the app, cycle power one time, the light will return to the previous ON state.

Power cycle behavior

  • The HALO Home In-Wall Smart Dimmer/Switch will return connected lighting loads to their last state - either ON or OFF depending on where they were prior to the power cycle.

Air-Gap Switch

  • To replace a light bulb pull the air-gap switch on the bottom right side of the Smart Dimmer/Switch using a small flathead screwdriver.