HALO Home Support

How Can We Help You?

Need more help? Contact us at consumerproducts@cooperlighting.com or 1-800-334-6871

I. Attempt to remove the dimmer/switch using the app

  1. Make sure:
    • The product is powered ON
    • Your smartphone/tablet's Bluetooth is turned ON
    • You're within 35-ft of the product
  2. Navigate to the Device's or Controller's Settings page and tap the “ ⋮ ” and select "Remove"
  3. Follow the steps
  4. If removal isn't possible, delete it by clicking "my device is broken" and then do the factory reset steps

II. Manual Factory Reset steps

  • Hold the ON button for 12 seconds to reset
  • The LED indicator will start flashing indicating the reset is processing and will continue flashing to indicate that it is ready to be paired with the HALO Home App.