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Streamlining HALO Home Setup 

While the HALO Home app makes it easy to set up new devices, there are some recommendations that will help you streamline the process when dealing with homes with larger device quantities. 

Step 1: Predetermine a Room & Device Naming Scheme 

First, determine a short, unique name for each room in each unit. These will become group names in the HALO Home app that can also be used for voice control. * 

Second, determine a unique name for each device in each room.* 

Example: House/Unit 1: Bedroom A, Bedroom B, Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom  

Recessed Downlight (RL) 
Accessory Dimmer (Acc Dmr) 
Smart Dimmer (Smart Dmr)  
Scene Keypad (SK) 
Bridge (B) 

Bedroom A (Bdrm A): Bdrm A RL1, Bdrm A RL2, Bdrm A RL3, etc... 
Bedroom B (Bdrm B): Bdrm  B RL1, Bdrm B RL2, etc... 
Living Room (Living): Living RL1, Living RL2, Living RL3... 
Kitchen: Kitchen RL1, Kitchen RL2, Kitchen Dmr, etc... 
Bathroom (Bath): Bath RL1, Bath RL 2, Bath Acc Dmr, etc... 

 ± Voice commands require a HALO Home Bridge and the use of either Amazon Alexa or Google Home account/devices. 

* Note: If it is necessary to use voice control to control an individual device, the name of the device should start with a unique first word and not contain numbers or special characters. 

Step 2: Determine Your Pairing Method:

There are 2 methods for pairing devices with the HALO Home app. 

Method 1: Each Room (recommended):

It is easiest to identify devices if you can search for the devices one room at a time. This can be done by: 

  • Installing and pairing one room at a time. 

  • Installing all the devices, and then using the circuit breakers to power one room at a time. (Once a room of devices has been identified and paired, that circuit breaker can stay on.) 

Method 2: Whole-House/Unit with Sort-by-proximity:  

  • This method is not recommended unless it is not possible to turn off power via the circuit breakers to isolate rooms. With this approach, all devices will remain powered and you will have to sort devices in the app by proximity to assist in identifying the closest ones. This method is less accurate and will take longer than method 1. 

Step 3: Start the ‘Add Device’ Search 

Method 1: Each Room 

  1. Install the devices in the first room (or use circuit breakers to power only the devices in this room). 

  1. Bring your mobile device to the center of the room. 

  1. In the HALO Home app, run the ‘add device’ search and wait for the search to complete. A list of the devices that are installed but not yet paired will be listed. This list should be limited to only the devices that are powered in this room. Go to Step 4.

Method 2: Whole-House/Unit & Sort-by-proximity: 

  1. Make sure that all HALO Home devices are powered. 

  1. Bring your mobile device to the center of the first room. 

  1. In the HALO Home app, run the ‘add device’ search and wait for the search to complete.  

  1. At the bottom of the screen, tap the ‘Sort by Name’ and change the selection to ‘Proximity’. The device list will resort in order by the strength of the device's Bluetooth signals. This should help you to identify the devices in that specific space. Go to Step 4. 


Step 4: Pair and identify the devices (both methods)

Use the ‘Add’ tool to pair devices and watch for pairing behavior changes: 

  • Lights will flash once

  • The blue LED on Smart/Accessory dimmers will: 

  • stop flashing...stay on for a few seconds...then turn off 

TIP: If you miss the behavior change – simply use the app to turn ON & OFF the device. 


Pair Devices in this Sequence:  

  1. Start with devices that control standard fixtures  
    (Smart Dimmers, Smart Plug-in Lamp Dimmers & Smart Light Adapters) 

  1. Then HALO Home lights  
    (Downlights, A19s, Floodlights, etc...)  

  1. Finally, pair HALO Home controls 
    (Accessory Dimmers, Multi-Room Scene Keypads, and Anyplace Dimmers) 
    * IMPORTANT: You will set what these devices control in Step 6


I. Rename the device using your naming scheme.


II. Add a device or location picture in the app to help identify the device later.


Repeat this step until all of the devices in the room are paired, identified, and named.* 

* TIP: If using the whole-house method, if a device outside of the room you are working on is inadvertently paired, simply name it per your predetermined naming scheme. It will be one less device to identify later. 


Step 5: Create a Group for the Room  

Once all the devices are identified and named, create a control group for the room. 

  1. Tap the Menu icon, then tap ‘Groups’ and the ‘+’ to add a new Group. 

  1. Name the group and add a picture to help identify it. 

  1. Assign the devices to the group, making sure to tap on ‘Next’ once the devices are added to save the group. 

Step 6: Commissioning HALO Home Controls  

After all of the devices are paired and the group(s) are created for this room, begin commissioning HALO Home Controls. 

  1. Tap the Menu icon, and then ‘Controllers’.  

  1. Tap the ‘>’ icon on the first controller  

  1. Select the Device or Group you want it to control and tap ‘Save’  

  1. Test the controller’s ON/OFF and dimming buttons to ensure correct commissioning 


Step 7: Repeat   

Repeat steps 3-6 for remaining rooms in the house/unit until all devices have been paired and identified. 

Note: If using the whole-house method, you will need to make sure that you move your mobile device and initiate a new device search from the new mobile device location before sorting by proximity.