HALO Home Support

How Can We Help You?

Need more help? Contact us at consumerproducts@cooperlighting.com or 1-800-334-6871

I. Attempt to remove the Smart Light using the app

  1. Make sure:
    • The product is powered ON
    • Your smartphone/tablet's Bluetooth is turned ON
    • You're within 35-ft of the product
  2. Navigate to the Device's settings page and tap the “ ⋮ ” and select "Remove"
  3. Follow the steps
  4. If removal isn't possible, delete it by clicking "my device is broken" and then do the factory reset steps:

II. Manual Factory Reset steps

To reset your HALO Home Smart Light back to factory settings:

  • Power cycle the fixture(s) using either a standard on/off wall switch, circuit breaker, or the air gap switch on an Accessory Dimmer / Hardwired Keypad:
    • Repeat this pattern 4 times:
      • Turn OFF for 2 second
      • Turn ON for 5 seconds
  • After a brief delay, the HALO Home Smart Light will flash twice to indicate a successful reset.