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Multi-location (3-way or 4-way+) control is easy with HALO Home. There are 2 control scenarios to consider:

  1. Controlling HALO Home Smart Lights
  2. Controlling Standard (non-connected) Lighting

Control Definitions:

  • Single Pole = 1 Switch controlling one or more lights
  • 3-Way = 2 Switches controlling 1 or more lights
  • Multiway = 3+ Switches controlling 1 or more lights


1) Controlling HALO Home Smart Lights:

  • For either Single Pole or Multiway Control of HALO Home Smart Lights:
    • Replace any wall switches/dimmers (single pole/3-way/4-way) with HALO Home (Remote) Controllers
  • Use the app to program your Controllers to wirelessly command the Smart Light or Group of Smart Light(s)

Smart Lighting 3-Way or Multi-Way Control

2) Controlling Standard Lights and Ceiling/Exhaust Fans

  • For Single Pole control of:
    • Standard dimmable lighting, use 1 Smart Dimmer
    • Ceiling/Exhaust Fans or standard non-dimmable lighting, use 1 Smart Switch
  • For 3-way or multiway control:
    • In the load location of the 3-way/multiway, install 1 HALO Home Add-on Device:
      • Smart Dimmer - For standard dimmable lighting
      • Smart Switch (For Ceiling/Exhaust Fans or non-dimmable lighting)
        The Smart Dimmer/Switch will be the Device that controls the load and will essentially operate as a single pole wall station.
    • In all other locations install HALO Home Controllers (wireless remotes). They will send constant power to the Smart Dimmer/Switch and will need to be programmed to wirelessly control the Smart Dimmer/Switch over Bluetooth:
      • Accessory Dimmers (Hardwired)
      • Accessory Switches (Hardwired)
      • Scene Keypads (Hardwired)

        NOTE - HALO Home Controllers DO NOT need to be wired to a Smart Dimmer/Switch in order for it to command it since the communication is wireless.
      • For simplified installation and/or additional control use battery-powered Controllers:


In either of the above scenarios, you can add extra controls wherever you need by installing additional Scene Keypads, Accessory Dimmers or Anyplace Dimmers. (You can think of the Accessory Dimmer as a hardwired version of the Anyplace. It simply needs to be powered (hardwired) but does not need to be wired into the circuit it's controlling since it communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth with HALO Home devices!🙂)

Neutral wires are required for the Smart & Accessory Dimmers