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The HALO Home In-Wall Smart Dimmer is used to make standard lighting circuits HALO Home Smart.

HALO Home Controllers send wireless commands, while our Smart Lights and Devices receive those commands.
The Smart Dimmer is considered a Device because it receives wireless commands.

It is wired and functions like a Single-Pole Dimmer at the wall and multi-location control actually happens wirelessly when paired with HALO Home Controllers (like the Accessory Dimmer, Scene Keypad or Anyplace Dimmer).

Below are diagrams illustrating how to wire standard fixtures to our Smart Dimmer and how to add multi-location control with our Controllers.



Single Location Diagram

Single-Pole Wiring Diagram




"3-Way" Wireless Diagram


Multi-Location Wireless Diagram


Wiring Diagram

For in-app setup and pairing see our Quick Start Guide.


You can also download the instruction sheet below.